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Our History:

Gabriel Garcia Marquez School was born out of the need to develop mathematical and language skills of anglolatinoamericano children, and to cultivate their cultural identity.

The school’s founder, Marlen Cabezas has a degree in biology and chemistry, and in 1991, she undertook the task of teaching Spanish to Latin American children resident in London. The necessity of the English language had led many children to neglect, or in some cases forget their native Spanish. Marlen identified a particular problem; communication between generations, extended family, and social groups was becoming increasingly difficult. In addition to teaching the Spanish language, Marlen Cabezas taught mathematics to her students in order to improve their academic performance in mainstream English schools.

Initially, classes were held in the student’s home, but in 1994, Marlen decided to bring the students together every Saturday to impart Spanish and maths classes. The CENTER SPANISH LATINO and MATHEMATICS was born – CEMLAT-. Later, in 1996, with the specific aim of meeting the British curriculum, CEMLAT incorporated ethnic minority classes in history, geography and Latin American dance. CEMLAT had evolved. In recognition of the school’s new identity, CEMLA changed name to GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ SCHOOL, in honour  of Colombia’s nobel prize winning writer.

From that moment, the GGM has become a vital part of the family, becoming an icon of the Latin American Anglo community. Currently, in 2015, the GGM is the linguistic and cultural centre of excellence, not only for Latin American families but also for children and families from many parts of the world.